Together We Can Protect Social Security for All the Workers of Our Nation

Social Security and Retirement Income: Stand Up and Be Counted

Imagine that it’s August 2000 and you’ve just been given the opportunity to see 12 years into the future. The headline on this morning’s paper reads, “Senior Buying Power Decreased by 34% since 2000.” You learn that:

  • A 10 lb. bag of potatoes that used to cost about $3 will now cost you $6.

  • Eggs that cost about $1 a dozen will now cost close to $2.

  • The price for heating oil will be 3 times more expensive, making the price to fill a 300-gallon tank rise from $350 to about $1150.

  • Annual out-of-pocket medical expenses will grow from $1,075 to close to $1,400.

  • Medicare Part B monthly premiums will more than double from $45 to $100.

Yes, seniors’ general expenses have increased 82% since 2000 while Social Security benefits only increased a mere 36%.

And now the wolves are circling again.

Instead of fighting among themselves, Congress needs to renew their much-needed support for seniors who have worked so hard for their retirement.

Even without new legislation, there are already financial hurdles ahead for retirees:

  • Medicare Part B premiums are expected to rise five times faster than historical increases from $99.10 to $109.10—more than 9 percent; and

  • The already-planned increase in the retirement age—from 65 to 67 for those born in 1960 or later—will certainly reduce earned benefits.

That’s why this is so important. In the last 12 years, your elected representatives have contented themselves to sit idly by while the typical seniors’ expenses have risen dramatically.

We’re pushing back and reclaiming our earned security. The National Committee is dedicated to making sure your newly elected officials hold Social Security and Medicare in the highest regard. It’s time to put focus back on protecting the promise we made to safeguard our wise and hardworking role models.

We can do this. Ensuring that seniors have an adequate and secure retirement income is an entirely realistic goal.

The National Committee fought back against threats before with help from our members. Personal stories from grassroots advocates strengthened our battle cry.

As an army, we successfully:

  • Protected Social Security from the dangers of privatizing accounts and fended off income cuts from the unreliable stock market.

  • Prevented benefit cuts to Social Security under a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment.

  • Worked for lower out-of-pocket-costs for Medicare beneficiaries.

  • Ensured that non-working seniors received earned stimulus checks.

  • Preserved benefits for seniors working after reaching retirement age.

  • Enabled essential meals programs, in-home support services, pension counseling programs and job programs for seniors to continue.

And now, we’re fighting to stave off the threats again. With the support of people just like you, the National Committee will be at the forefront of this fight, defending your benefits by:

  • Ensuring that your cost-of-living-adjustments are calculated fairly.

  • Fighting proposals to raise the Social Security retirement age from 67 to 70!

  • Defending seniors from unscrupulous attempts to redefine benefit calculations.

We’ve been leading this fight with your help and we’ve been winning it. But now, the odds are stacked against us this fall and the threats have never been greater.

Raise your voice, stand up and be counted along with the National Committee this fall.

The National Committee has been protecting Social Security and Medicare since 1982. While legislators have sometimes forgotten our aging population, we have successfully championed your benefits, winning battle after battle on your behalf.

Defend your retirement benefits with the National Committee by joining us today.

Your membership will make a difference and impact future of retirement security.

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A majority of voters across party lines strongly reject cutting benefits.

Social Security is an American issue—not a partisan issue or a matter of age. Some politicians want to raid Social Security funds for political reasons. But we are in the majority and we must prevent Congress from enacting cuts. Social Security has made a real and lasting difference in the lives of millions of Americans. It's our duty to protect and defend it, for the good of our families, our communities and our country.

Social Security is an American success story we must preserve.

In 1935, Social Security was established as a landmark federal program to help families face the uncertainties brought on by retirement. The new program was a promise made to all working people…from all walks of life…and for all future generations of America.

Together we can stop the threat of cuts.

That promise has stood as a fundamental legacy for hard-working Americans—from those of retirement age to young workers just entering the workplace. And over all these years, Social Security hasn't added a single penny to our nation's debt. Yet some on Capitol Hill are ready to abandon this important promise.

We can make a stand to save Social Security and have a say in our county's future.

When you think of the millions of citizens who have faithfully paid into these funds through all their working lives, don't they deserve a government that will keep its promises? Social Security is an essential cause worth fighting for. The strength of our numbers can influence policy through a nonpartisan effort to preserve the precious legacy of Social Security.

Social Security and Retirement BenefitsWe can never insure one hundred percent of the population against one hundred percent of the hazards and vicissitudes of life, but we have tried to frame a law which will give some measure of protection to the average citizen and to his family...”

— President Franklin D. Roosevelt upon signing the SS Act in 1935.


Join the nonpartisan National Committee in sending the message: “No cuts to Social Security!”

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is 100% member funded and is NOT associated with any political party.

If you're tired of political posturing and frustrated by bureaucracy, as so many individuals are, joining the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is one of the easiest and most effective ways to take action now and be heard. It's an opportunity to actually influence policy and ensure every American's benefits will be there as promised.

The National Committee has been a voice for the silent majority.

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The National Committee has made a commitment to transparency, which has earned it the GuideStar Exchange Seal for nonprofit organizations.

The National Committee is an independent, effective and trusted grassroots organization with nationwide reach. Founded in 1982 by former Congressman James Roosevelt (son of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who signed the Social Security Act into law), the National Committee is completely independent from the U.S. Congress, government agencies and political parties.

We don't sell any products, services or goods and receive no federal, state or local government funding. Our sole mission is to protect, preserve, promote and ensure the financial security, health and well-being of current and future generations of Americans. As an advocate for hard-working individuals like you, the National Committee works every day on these critical issues through lobbying, education, grassroots efforts and the development of better-informed citizens and voters.  

We speak for concerned citizens like you by:

  • Conducting ongoing research to understand the voice of the American people
  • Lobbying Congress to protect Social Security
  • Keeping members informed about related legislation and events
  • Appearing on news and talk shows to inform the public
  • Thinking outside the box to find ways to draw attention to the issue
  • Alerting you with late-breaking developments that impact your retirement benefits
  • Reporting monthly on recent news, events and member polls
  • Providing 24-hour access to our toll-free hotline for the latest news on Social Security

An organization dedicated to effecting change since 1982.

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has been instrumental in the outcome of many important legislative initiatives including:

  • Protecting Social Security funds in 2011 from being cut by a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment for the third time in over a decade
  • Holding ground against Super Committee negotiations to solve the federal debt crisis by cutting Social Security thanks to grassroots advocacy in 2011
  • Ensuring seniors received the 2009 stimulus checks under the Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • Increasing the 2007 funding levels and thereby preventing massive furloughs at the Social Security Administration
  • Defeating President Bush's Social Security privatization plan in 2006 and 2005
  • Passing the Senior Citizens' Freedom to Work Act in 2000

Social Security and Retirement BenefitsPresident and CEO, Max Richtman, joined the National Committee in 1989 after 16-years of working on Capitol Hill as Staff Director of the Senate Special Committee on Aging. He frequently testifies before the House and Senate. During his congressional career, he directed the lengthy investigation of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's enforcement of age-discrimination statutes.


We can't afford to wait. It's urgent that you act now!

grandfather and granddaughter walking togetherSocial Security represents basic values so many American heroes have fought to protect. This is your chance to help save our hard-earned benefits by taking a stand on this issue that's so close to our hearts. It can be hard to find time to get involved when so many of us are balancing work, family and finances. But there is strength in numbers and it's essential we take action now. Social Security provides for seniors and other Americans in so many ways. There's no doubt that for all Americans, Social Security is a promise to help us live life on our own terms.

We believe you will be 100% satisfied with your membership. If you are not, we will give you a full refund of your current year's membership contribution.


Do just one simple thing to stand up and lend your voice to this fight.

Help protect Social Security by becoming a member of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. It just takes a few minutes to join by completing our form or calling 800-966-1935. We need your support to protect the meaningful promises made in 1935.

Please, remember this name:
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

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